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Key Essentials for a Good Ecommerce Strategy

Posted by on January 25, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Ecommerce strategy for online businesses

Having trouble coming up with a good and profitable ecommerce strategy for your business online? Well it is certainly the key towards establishing a successful and truly profitable business website. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your website is or how good your products or services are if you don’t have a good ecommerce marketing strategy to promote it.

Whether you rely on a good ecommerce agency or tackle the task yourself, the goal is of course the same and that is to yield a good return in profit. To accomplish such a goal, ecommerce businesses need to effectively and closely target prospects in any way they can from ecommerce design to ecommerce search engine optimisation.

Let’s check out some great tips for laying out a good ecommerce strategy for turning your business into something remarkable

Come with a plan – as the old saying goes “If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail” and the same thing can certainly be said about implementing a good ecommerce strategy. Specifically plan marketing campaigns and promotional activities in great detail. It would be best to focus not so much on sales but business growth.

Keep tabs on the latest developments such as current marketing trends, search engine algorithm updates and utilize research tools to uncover better ways of reaching your target prospects and getting ahead of competitors. Some good ecommerce marketing research tools include Google Analytics and Google Keyword tool which are both free of cost and can prove invaluable for ecommerce marketing and competitor research.

As an alternative, you can also opt to hire a good ecommerce agency to handle everything for you which are highly recommended especially for complete beginners.

Web Site Design – when it comes to designing and building an ecommerce website, people often end up overdoing it in their efforts to make it look attractive and opt for all sorts of bells and whistles. That won’t do you any good though if it ends up distracting or confusing your prospects. Ecommerce studies also reveal that the most effective ecommerce websites are those that are simple to navigate and use so do away with fancy features like videos and flash animations that could distract visitors and adversely affect website loading speed.

The goal is to after all drawn in prospects and ultimately make a sale and its best achieved with simple layouts and images, great navigation, good pricing and a clear marketing messages.

Blogging and social media

If you want prospects to keep visiting your website then you have got to give them a reason to. Put up quality content in the form of articles, blogs and social media updates. Keep in mind that content is king and the more value it provides, the greater your chances of drawing in prospects towards your e-commerce website and inspiring their confidence.

Email marketing – Good ecommerce design and SEO aren’t of course the only way to bring in sales and if you need not stop there if you really want to succeed in your business endeavors online. For one thing, you can gather e-mail information from your website visitors which present a great opportunity for future marketing,

Of course you can’t expect website visitors leave you their e-mail address just like that but you can certainly improve your chances by offering exclusive content like eBooks and newsletters in exchange for signing up with their e-mail address. You can then market your business by regularly e-mailing quality content.

Ecommerce search engine optimisation – Regardless of what kind of business you are running online or what market you are in, ecommerce businesses need to allocate a substantial part of their marketing campaign on SEO or search engine optimisation. It’s perhaps the most crucial aspect of ecommerce marketing. Without it, your online business would be banished to a dark and lonely corner of cyberspace without a single customer ever finding it.

An ecommerce agency typically offers website templates that already have SEO features integrated but don’t forget that quality website content is also an important factor. Generate content that actually offers value to people first and foremost and then adapt it for SEO.

There are certainly a lot more that one can learn about ecommerce marketing but as long as you properly lay down some key foundations, you are sure to set your ecommerce strategy off to a good start!

All about Ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation

Posted by on January 24, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Ecommerce search engine optimisation and what it’s all about

What exactly is search engine optimisation? Well it’s all about getting found online which is perhaps the greatest challenge facing any ecommerce business. There are literally millions of business web pages online which makes standing out in any market far from easy. When prospects search for your products or services online, you naturally want your website to appear on top search results where people are most likely to see it. It’s basically what SEO or search engine optimisation is all about as an important part of one’s ecommerce strategy!

How does SEO actually work though and how can it benefit your ecommerce marketing business? Whether you rely on a professional ecommerce agency for the job or choose to tackle the matter yourself, SEO is an indispensable part of one’s ecommerce design as it paves the way for increased site visibility. To better understand how it works, it would be best to get a good grasp on some common SEO techniques and methodologies.

 A closer look at ecommerce search engine optimisation

Now the great thing about ecommerce search engine optimisation is that it’s free although it does take some time so it’s certainly not a quick answer to getting your ecommerce strategy to the top within a short period of time. As an ecommerce strategy, it’s a consistent and on-going effort that will take at least 6 months to fully realize. Don’t let any ecommerce agency tell you otherwise!

Among the significant challenges of SEO ecommerce design is that it can be quite fickle – search engines like Google make use of their own algorithms in determining website rankings and you can forget about them sharing how their algorithms actually work. If there is one thing we know about such algorithms though, it’s the fact that websites that feature original and high quality content that users often look up and link to almost always possess a good ranking in search engines.

SEO as an online advertising solution

Although ecommerce search engine optimisation does take time, those who’ve succeeded in it find that the rewards are simply immense. Studies regarding the significance of SEO as an ecommerce strategy reveal that almost 70 percent of search engine users click on a link on 1st page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

A good SEO ecommerce marketing strategy will enable your business website to rank highly and generate good profitable traffic more so than any other form of paid advertising which does have its merit. However it’s best for businesses to focus on SEO right from the start since it’s something that you’ll eventually have to tackle anyway!

An ecommerce agency may be quick in recommending various forms of paid advertising solutions online such as PPC or Pay-per-Click marketing which can be quite costly and can lead you to lose your search engine rankings should you default on payment for any reason. SEO in itself costs nothing and the search engine rankings that it gives you are yours to keep provided that your efforts remain consistent.

Another great thing about SEO as an online advertising solution is that the traffic it generates demands little maintenance and is far more sustainable compared to others. A good search engine ranking for your ecommerce website can only result to a great and profitable flow of traffic over a long period of time.

Of course search results can always change as business webpages attempt to overtake one another but maintaining those ranking is not as costly and demanding as other forms of paid advertising solutions like Pay-per-Click marketing. So long as you continue producing high quality and useful content that are relevant to your business, search engines are likely to continue awarding your website with high search engine rankings and funnel profitable traffic to your business website.

Last but not least, SEO in ecommerce design supplements your every effort at building good and profitable traffic for your e-commerce marketing website. Think about it – paid advertising solutions like PPC only get better with SEO reducing costly mistakes in running ads. More importantly, ecommerce search engine optimisation in itself generates recurring and stable traffic paving the way for better conversion rates and ultimately more profit which is what really matters in the end.

Investing in Ecommerce Consulting

Posted by on January 23, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Ecommerce consulting – is it worth it?

Wondering about ecommerce consulting and whether its actually worth looking into? It’s an emerging trend in ecommerce marketing and similar to any other forms of professional consultation services, the whole point of obtaining one is to enlist the help of experts or professionals in achieving a measure of success.

Now in the case of an ecommerce strategy, success means effectively promoting your website online and successfully competing with hundreds of others ultimately yielding a profit.

What can professional ecommerce consulting do for your business? 

Now a common reason why people often forego professional consultation services in ecommerce search engine optimisation or any other services from a good ecommerce agency is that they are bent on saving cost. While the cost of such services may seem significant, attempting to tackle one’s ecommerce needs without it can actually end up costing you more especially for those who are only starting out in ecommerce marketing.

So what great thing does ecommerce consulting actually have to offer you? Well for one thing, these consultants are proven experts in the business and can provide you with useful insights and advice particularly in traffic generation. Greater website traffic translates to a formidable business presence online although you also have to consider conversion rates (the ratio between the total number of people visiting your website and the number of people that actually bought something).

The goal is to of course turn as many prospects as possible into actual buyers and a good professional consultant for your ecommerce strategy or ecommerce search engine optimisation strategy can certainly help you do just that!

Consultants from a good and reputable ecommerce agency can help you touch base with some of the best ways of drawing in traffic and improving conversion rates. They often start with a detailed analysis of the current performance of your business website including the ratio between the number of prospects looking up product information and those that actually do purchase something from your website.

Upon acquiring the information necessary, ecommerce consulting specialists can then target specific elements of your website ecommerce design or ecommerce marketing strategy that requires improvement. Of course theories and suggestions won’t do which is why most ecommerce agencies often guarantee the results of their consultation services.

Now that’s essentially what ecommerce consulting services can essentially do for your business!

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Specialist

Posted by on January 22, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Investing in an ecommerce specialist

Looking for an ecommerce specialist? So you’ve made the decision to start your own e-commerce marketing business and have prepared the necessary finances and motivation for it? Well your next ideal step would be to select a good specialist for your ecommerce strategy.

Needless to say, you would need to bring in ecommerce marketing experts capable of providing the solutions you require to fulfill your business goals online which includes among other things generating stable web traffic and actually making a profit!

Selecting an ecommerce specialist

Now you would find no shortage of options when it comes to the choice of an ecommerce agency since there are actually a lot of them out there making the selection process far from simple. There are a couple of things that you could look into which should help you choose the best ecommerce consulting experts for your business needs

One of the first things that you have to know about an ecommerce specialist is that they may offer a particular type of ecommerce marketing solution or the complete package. Your choice of which one to opt for would depend on your ecommerce strategy. If you want everything conveniently prepared and in place, it would be best to opt for a full-service ecommerce marketing company with general and proven expertise.  If on the other hand you are looking for something more specific, then you can of course opt for the latter.

Regardless of what type of ecommerce agency you opt for, such services will certainly prove invaluable for attaining the desired results out of your ecommerce website. However you also need to involve yourself with the process and coordinate with them to better fulfill your business needs. Issues can often arise from differences in methods and strategies although it’s something that can easily be avoided with close communication and coordination.

Truth be told, the cost of hiring ecommerce consulting experts can be fairly significant. Only businesses with large marketing budgets can afford to bring in ecommerce specialist for every aspect of their online business needs. It’s not required in the first few stages of establishing an ecommerce marketing business but ultimately comes necessary as your online business needs grows with specific areas of your ecommerce strategy requiring focus!

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce businesses, once cannot afford to stay idle or commit costly mistakes. A good ecommerce specialist can certainly help you steer clear of all that!

Improving your Business with Good Ecommerce Design

Posted by on January 19, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Ecommerce design for your business

What makes for a good ecommerce design and how is it important to your business? Well people now days are fairly cautious about where they spend or invest their hard-earned money and thus typically expect much out of their purchases.

There exist a lot of ecommerce sites offering people the convenience of buying and selling products or services online. Your ecommerce web design has to offer an attractive and pleasant experience to meet such expectations.

With good e commerce web design, businesses are more likely to keep their prospects glued to their website making it more likely for them to actually make a purchase. Needless to say, it’s certainly something that no ecommerce business can afford to overlook and the quality of one’s business website is of utmost importance.

The appearance and the initial impression that your business website provides can influence the decision of visitors to leave or stay – make it count!

The challenges of good ecommerce design

Hundreds of ecommerce sites are making an appearance online every day and every one of them are looking to establish a competitive and profitable presence online. It is a goal shared by everyone in the ecommerce business and one that is certainly within reach but only with a good and effective business strategy.

Ecommerce design is an important part of that strategy as it represents the identity of businesses online and enables them to showcase a wide range of products or services.

One of the first things that people ought to know about putting up an ecommerce site is that you simply just can’t jump into it haphazardly. It requires fairly extensive knowledge and skills as well as a good understanding of both website design and your respective business needs. Ecommerce web design is a task best left to proven and reputable professionals who can help you ensure that your website attracts as many businesses as possible.

Your ecommerce website design needs to be attractive and catchy enough to hold the attention of website visitors and yield a lasting and albeit profitable impression. After all, casual website visitors are more likely to turn into actual buyers if they find your business website attractive and professionally designed.

Bad e commerce web design is perhaps one of the top reasons why a lot of businesses online fail to impress their prospects and unable to survive in the highly competitive world of ecommerce businesses. Of course good ecommerce web design isn’t just about catchy aesthetics, functionality and quality of user experience is just as important!

Hiring the Right Ecommerce Agency for your Business

Posted by on January 18, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Investing in an ecommerce agency

Looking to bring in an ecommerce agency for your online business needs? Ecommerce represents a huge opportunity for businesses now days particularly in terms of getting your products or services out there in front of as many target prospects as possible.

Not surprisingly, there are now thousands of ecommerce marketing businesses online today and every one of them has their own specific target audience and strategies in mind that they implement to get head of their competitors. Considering the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of the ecommerce business, many often choose to employ the services of a good and reputable ecommerce Company to aid them in their efforts in getting their business to the top!

What to look out for in an ecommerce agency?

Given the sheer number of ecommerce marketing websites on the internet today, there exists an even greater need for businesses online to stand out in their respective market as a means to generate great traffic and attain high and profitable search engine rankings.  This is where the services of a good e-commerce agency actually come in!

Profession ecommerce services offer and implement strategies aimed at helping businesses address their needs for traffic and good search engine rankings.  Over the years the world of ecommerce had grown and seen much change especially with the advent and social media and recent updates in search engine algorithms.  An ecommerce agency needs to stay on top of such changes if it is to offer fool-proof and truly effective ecommerce business solutions as well as steer clear of common pitfalls when running any kind of business online.

An ecommerce Company typically caters to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs of businesses online although many had since expanded their services to address every aspect of effectively and profitably running an ecommerce business. This includes among other things:

  • Market research
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Copy writing and content creation

It is often best to opt for an ecommerce marketing agency with a good and reliable reputation for catering to as many areas of your business as possible. Tackle yourself only what you can confidently handle. Many make the mistake of trying to tackle everything themselves in an effort to save cost only to end up losing more. More importantly, a full-service e-commerce agency provides an all around perspective and will likely have better strategies and methodologies in place.

Prior to making the decision to invest in professional ecommerce services, it is important to ensure that you are opting for proven and reliable professionals with a track record for providing good and profitable results. This often doesn’t require more than a casual search for feedbacks and reviews online or you can simply get in touch with them and ask for references regarding the quality of their services. A good and reputable ecommerce agency should have no qualms about doing just that!

Starting out with Ecommerce Marketing

Posted by on January 17, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Ecommerce Marketing for Beginners

Thinking about starting your on ecommerce marketing business but not quite sure where to start? Well it’s a challenge that is often far too common in the e-commerce marketing scene and a lot of people are often stuck with the question of whether it’s truly possible for their business to create a profit online.

Considering the wide range of options in ecommerce design and ecommerce strategy, it’s easy to see how beginners may easily feel overwhelmed and lost in their first steps towards the world of ecommerce businesses.

Now although you’ll often find no trouble finding a number of ecommerce courses online, they are often not suited for complete beginners and mostly benefit savvy online marketers that already have a good idea about what product or service to sell and how to best market them online. All the more reason why a lot of people often find the subject all too confusing!

Ecommerce marketing tips for beginners

Looking for great starter tips for your ecommerce strategies? Well it would be best for beginners to first get a grasp on a number of things. Once you understand some key foundations about running an ecommerce marketing business, the more likely you are to succeed and steer clear of costly mistakes. You can get things off to a good start by going through the steps laid out below:

Think about a problem that your business solves for people and get the best possible product or service behind it. It’s the first and probably most crucial step in e-commerce marketing. Any effort or resource invested in your marketing strategy won’t matter squat if you don’t have a good product or service behind that effectively addresses it’s prospect’s needs. Take your time – it may require a fair amount of work but is certainly well worth it. As an alternative, you can also opt to join a good affiliate marketing program as your starting point.

You will need to have an attractive, functional and efficient website and a good ecommerce strategy for targeting visitors. You can tackle the task yourself if you are skilled and confident enough although it is best for beginners to leave the task to proven and reputable web and graphic designers. First impressions last and that is certainly true with ecommerce websites so make it count!

Last but certainly not least is traffic. It’s among the most important aspect of running an ecommerce business. Traffic is like blood and without it your e-commerce marketing business would be unable to survive. Article writing and directory submissions are some of the great and simplest ways of driving traffic to your ecommerce website.

These are but a few basic tips that you can implement when starting out with your very own ecommerce business. There is certainly so much more to tackle and understand but as long as you lay out the basics, you can set your ecommerce marketing campaign off to a good start!